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100% right 12% of the time [12.26.04 - 2.40am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | blah ]

There really should be more hours in the day. Honestly, how is twenty-four enough? Especially when you sleep about 13 of those?

I'm thinking that when I get my cell phone and I am able to change the opening bit, I'm going to have it say "formidable" or another awesome word. And it's going to be just for me. Hopefully Erik's got AT&T that way, I basically will use no minutes. Here and there of course, but not much.

Man, I swear the days are going backwards. There's still 11 days until he gets back. I've made it through 5. That's it. Five. I'm not even half way there. This really blows. Luckily I'm scheduled to work 31 1/2 hours next week. I suppose that'll make the hours go by faster; too bad it doesn't.

Now I'm starting to make a list of things I actually want in my head. I'll probably be more content if I actually write them down. Which most likely I will. I totally need a new wallet, I've got a bunch of cards, with only 3 slots, while I have about 11. You know that's not going to end well. And none of them are credit cards. Imagine that. Maybe I'll go waste money on myself Wednesday and/or Thursday as I actually have those days free. And do whatever surprise I'm doing for Erik. Since I have time. He'll never know, too bad I already talked to him about it before he left.

Cook tomorrow. I'm thinking it'll be decent. No 16 piece fried chicken on sale, no mad rush to inhale food as people drain their wallets. Though probably slightly busier than normal. This is what I'm thinking...hoping...anyway. I wonder who I'm closing with. Possibly Zandra or Brad or Brenda. I'm not scheduled for a dishwashing shift eithah. I also found out on the 24 that a person that I thought was seasonal, is actually permanent. That really sucks because he's an old man who moves slow. Plus he has this subconscious habit of mindlessly chewing nothing over people's food as he's preparing it. Would you want to receive food by this guy? He just needs to be in a section that isn't so...fast paced. On the 23 we did $7,500 in sales. Usually we do $2,500-3,000. On the 24, in 1 1/2 hours, we did $2,000. Indeed.


[11.27.04 - 2.48pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
Got the internet again. and a faster computer. Woo

Argh [10.5.04 - 4.31pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | scurvy ]

My pirate name is:

Captain Mary Kidd

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from fidius.org.


I'm not afraid of the wound you gave me, but of the one you wouldn't [9.27.04 - 4.59pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | happy ]

I finally have a job again, thank Gorle and his minions.

I called in today to see if I had passed the drug test, which I did. So then I waited until 3 to go in and do the paperwork. When Janet asked if I had any idea what my rate of pay was, I replied, "Jack said the highest he would pay me is $8.45" She looked it up and my rate of pay was $7.45

I was a bit sad because I was you know expecting $8 or more. She looked again at my previous work, "Fred Meyers...Subway. Let me go talk with him and see if we can't get you more."

So there I am sitting in her office, excited about a higher rate of pay. This time I was expecting $8 or so maybe. She comes in and says "We decided you needed to be paid $8.70" Now that's the most I've ever been paid. So naturally, I'm all "That works for me" XD

I get the paperwork done and she says, "Can you work tomorrow?" "Yes, I'm completely open." So I've already been scheduled for 3 days this week. Yayayayayayayyayayayayayayliadyhflkuwqghtlgsalfkhgsalkfdh

It's kind of funny that I'll be working before orientation, but what the fuck ever. Bah and the earliest shift I have is 7am - 1pm. That's ok, I'm up for it.

Give me all the hours you got, Fred Meyers. They won't phase me!


No body, No death. [9.25.04 - 1.03am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
Fuck if I have anything to write about until Monday on this thing. I prefer my notebook journal now though.

Don't use titles though.

Imperio is no more [9.19.04 - 10.48pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Today started off excellent...I got to sleep in until about 2:30 and I finally got to unpack everything.

Now I have a headboard >:D and so much top space.

I also got to put up a few of my posters. I so found my Voldie Letters :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Everything was fine until about fifteen or so minutes ago when I was going to show someone a picture. It happened to be on Imperio, so I went to go login and I found out.

Imperio was deleted because they considered it to have porn.

They just wanted Nicole's money!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all my fault really.



[9.6.04 - 9.03pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
Cheney, moving on to Iowa, took issue with Kerry's remark about a phony coalition. "Demeaning our allies is an interesting approach for someone seeking the presidency," the vice president told about 500 supporters at a barbecue along the shores of Clear Lake. "They deserve our respect, not insults."

I guess it's not an interesting approach once you're already in office. Have we forgotten about France? The U.N.? The fact that I am 18 and can vote? Too bad your vote doesn't matter anymore. Thanks Bush.

New poll. Last week it was 11%, now it's 7%

[9.5.04 - 11.40pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
I just want to pound my head. Seems like I need to go to the optometrist soon. I've worn my glasses all day today and I keep getting a headache. Once I take them off, the headache ebbs slightly.

Furthermore, I can't wait until Tuesday when I finally have a day to have this house to myself. Without anyone.

I want to scream.

[9.5.04 - 6.54pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | empty/really depressed ]

When I went to go get everything out of my car, I noticed that the floor of the trunk was wet. I looked inside the boxes; particularly the one that has a bunch of papers in it, that are important to me. The majority of the papers are wet and some of the writing has ran.

At the rate I'm going, all of my belongings will fit in my backpack.

Still haven't even received a call from any place interested in hiring me. I don't really feel like bothering anymore.


I'll Google your face if I have to [8.27.04 - 6.02pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
1. Take your name and replace each letter with the corresponding number. If your name contains numbers, you suck. You'll need to convert them to letters before you can convert to numbers. I'm sure if there's a 0 then it counts as nothing.

2. Add all the numbers together.

3. Make a note of the first digit in this number. Next add the digits together,

4. Find the post that is this number in your journal. If you don't have that many posts, add the digits together again. Keep doing so until the number is smaller than your pathetic number of posts. And don't forget to kill yourself.

5. Take the digit you noted in step 3 and count that many words into the post.

6. Use the resulting word in a google image search and select one of the pictures from the first page.

7. Post it you fucker.

SaraCollapse )

pridianCollapse )

Word. The second, eh not so good.

[8.27.04 - 12.57am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | depressed ]

Dad asked me if I wanted to go camping with him again. We were supposed to go last weekend, but plans are against me. I declined. So I don't know if he's still going or not. Going nowhere.

I've hardly spoken, yet my voice is lost.


[8.20.04 - 1.00am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
They never needed to see a single weapon of mass destruction before sending our kids off to die.

Michael Moore

Will the Pillsbury Doughboy topple Kool-Aid Man? [8.18.04 - 6.57pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | stretched ]

What do you think?

At least attempt to answer before you read mine haha I want to see what you come up withCollapse )


That's totally how I see it going down. I mean it makes complete sense.

Sorry I saw the situation pop up as an ad while I was reading an article. I'm so going to vote now OMG.


[8.18.04 - 1.12am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | more like NOT busy ]

This is about the time when I want to have more friends. I'm so fucking bored. Missing The Wease already. Haven't talked to Judge for a couple days. I was thinking of watching Party Monster again, but it seems Nicole has returned it.

It's probably time I go and get another eye exam. My contacts seem to be really bugging me. The majority of the time today my eyes have been a complete mess. When I was watching Ciara for an hour or so while Brian was at DMV, I couldn't keep my eyes open. They absolutely hated the sun and I'd close them, they'd still hurt. So then I'd just have tears streaming down my cheeks. Next time if this happens, I'm going to put a warm wash cloth on it. We'll see if that helps.

My left ear has been acting up as well. That crazy bitch. I can hear a whooshing sound, which faintly sounds like a baby's heartbeat, the majority of the time I've been awake. I've had this problem for 3 days. I talked to alphasconova and she said it sounds like I may have water in my ear. I already attempted stabbing the inside of my ear with a q-tip but it surprisingly was uncomfortable and it hurt, and it solved nothing anyway. What a waste. Something's in there and for the moment, it wants to stay.

Fuck, I keep meaning to check aintnoright but I get distracted by doing teh random so I shall go do that now. Maybe she's got something interesting in there. OMG I hope so.

Hahahaha, you can tell by just the amount of posts I've done lately and how much I've written in each one, that I am feeling better. I'm such a fascist.

I was starving, so I drank a glass of water.


[8.17.04 - 11.25pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Being able to talk with The Wease again has definitely brought my spirits up. I think I'm finally out of my whole depression spazz. AND I believe my OCD with my nails has temporarily left me as I'm not so transfixed with them every second I'm awake. Good times are these.

HAHAHHAHAHAHA lsdjkfhlskadfhjklsdfhlkjshg aintnoright smells bouncy balls on a regular basis and says that they smell really good. She also told me that she likes saying "I smell balls" HAHAHAHA I'm saying this now because she's gone away to be molested by her grandmother for $70 a day and she can't do anything about it for awhile.

Babysitting Ciara again tomorrow, hopefully she'll go to sleep for more than 30 minutes so I can actually get something done. Like scheduling appointments at Kelly Services and Adecco or doing some chores.

Possibly tonight I'll clean up my room...Or I'll read. MOST LIKELY, I'll do nothing Too bad I'm a lazy fat ass or I'd do something with my life.

At least my chest feels good :) It hasn't been like that for months. YAY

OMG I brought food home with me from my parents house. Now I don't have to look through the fridge or the pantry and then look some more to find nothing and give into making waffles or toast when I don't want any. Now I can make a turkey sandwich, hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, turkey aujus. YAYAYAYAYAY I'm so having the aujus tomorrow. Hell I'm craving it now.

Oh yeah, my dad made me a pork quesadilla (why do I hear this in a southern way in my head and it's not even pronounced right...HAHAHAHA My mind is becoming untrained) It made me happy. Then again, food does that to me. My dad cooked it slower than fucking fascist Taco Bell so the tortillas were crispeh. Score.

Things are looking up, and I'm ok with that.


[8.15.04 - 1.49am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | lonely ]

I just got done reading an article on Yahoo that talked about Fahrenheit 9/11 being released in Arab nations. Near the end it said, Jordanian Tareq Khalil said he still believes "America is the most powerful country in the world and Bush is the strongest man."

This is why I'm glad that people in other nations (non ex-patriots) are not allowed to vote in our elections. Not the fact that he particularly said Bush (who is a complete fascist, I kid you not) but just the way the majority of the Middle East thinks.

From what I've come to understand through what I've read, what people from that area have said, what's on the news (Fucking conservatives they make my bowels have a movement) the major ideal with government over there is whoever is in power is the strongest man of their nation. Simply because if they openly disagree with that "fact" then they'll most likely be killed. For that matter, even if they did like their leader, they could be killed anyway.

It's not like that in America, we have socialist Moore who likes to prove his own points, we can protest when our president comes into town. We have it written down that we can do this. It's really the only thing I like about our government, the Constitution.

Just because someone is in charge of a country, doesn't mean he himself is powerful; it just comes with the territory of being rich and a country in fear. Someone who goes around executing people, murdering them, torturing because they're apart of a religion or for whatever reason, DOES NOT make them powerful. It's called being deranged, mentally incompetent, crazy, insane, absolutely mad, unsound, demented, psychopathic.

Has everyone forgotten this?


[8.13.04 - 1.54pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
Good luck with Charley toasty_frog, don't get yourself killed or something. You still need to come to Oregon.

[8.8.04 - 10.38pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
[ mood | uniquely uninspired ]

What's the difference between obsession and addiction?


[8.5.04 - 2.17am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
I think there's something wrong with my brain.

[8.5.04 - 1.59am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]
I still have Ciara's constant screaming in my head. Why do I have such a hard time trying to write anything anymore.

Sometimes, life would be easier if you couldn't discern the fantasy from the reality. This just happens to be one.

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